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Gra planszowa: Heros Navigares- board game (english version)

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Player’s Diary – set of 12 pcs

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Heros Navigares- on-line game (english version)

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The game Hero’s Navigares® online

Note: Only a certified Heros Navigares® game trainer or an entity that employs a certified trainer may purchase the game.


The Heros Navigares® on-line game – is a comprehensive package of tools, collected in a well-thought-out game concept, used for group or individual remote work with a client / clients in any selected area of their life, work, relationship or business.

Its main assumption is to support customers / players in changing, setting and achieving goals that are important to them / undergoing transformation in simulated, safe conditions created by the game. The idea of the game is also to strengthen the player’s sense of power, agency and motivation to act.

The Heros Navigares on-line game was created as an electronic version of an analogue game of the same title, which has been highly appreciated by coaches and trainers for several years.

For whom?

For all those who need more effective on-line tools supporting the development of personal, professional potential or business goals:

  • Coaches
  • Team managers
  • Coaches
  • Psychologists
  • Therapists
  • Career advisers

In what areas will you use the Heros Navigares?

It is an ideal tool that will prove useful in working with adults and adolescents, wherever you are dealing with an important life and professional change, and where support in achieving business goals is useful, e.g. in:

  • Life coaching
  • Career coaching
  • Partner coaching
  • Parental coaching
  • Managerial coaching
  • Leadership coaching
  • Psychotherapy

Advantages of the game Heros Navigares® online game:

  • Any number of sessions created under the purchased license;
  • Up to 12 players can work simultaneously in one session
  • You don’t need to share the screen in order for players to play the game – each player gets to play the game on their own screen
  • Each player draws cards for himself and the cards chosen by the player are available throughout the session until you log out
  • Your client doesn’t need to install any additional software
  • You have all the board elements in one place (even archetypes!)
  • Your client has the option of going through the process with background music
  • You have full control over the sessions in your user panel
  • You have access to the game online for up to 2 years from the moment of purchase
  • The on-line game is also available on the phone!

By playing this game with your clients, you have two ways to play the game:

In the basic variant – you only use the elements on the board and the basic scenario (Game Master’s Book)

in the extended variant – you use both elements on the board as well as a set of inspirations from the scenario, i.e. additional deepening exercises contained in the Game Master’s Book

When you buy a game online with a selected license (personal or corporate), you get:

  • Access to the on-line version of the game in which the analogue game is mirrored in an extremely real way (the board, all card decks, dice, tokens, archetype cards)
  • Access to an extremely attractive on-line game with a captivating story – thanks to which you can more easily encourage the client to enter the coaching / change process and conduct it remotely
  • Access to the archetype test you receive electronic versions of attachments / exercises, the Master’s Book and the Player’s Card Possibility to use the game for 1-on-1 work or for group work
  • A license that allows you to use the game online for a limited period of time – 24 months.



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