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Uwaga: Zakupu gry może dokonać wyłącznie certyfikowany trener gry Podróż Bohatera®/Heros Navigares® lub podmiot zatrudniający certyfikowanego trenera.

“The Heros Navigares” is a comprehensive package of tools, gathered in a well-thought-out concept of a board game, serving for group or individual development work in any area of life and work.

Its main assumption is to support the players in determining and achieving their goals / transformation / change. The idea of the game is also to strengthen the player’s sense of power, prime mover, and motivation to act.

The Heros Navigares game was created as a result of work on a prototype model supporting the selected social groups in the transition from education to employment. It won the competition for social innovations in 2017!

The concept of the game, inspired by the monomyth by Joseph Campbell – a mythical expedition of the hero, an archetype present and strongly rooted in our culture for thousands of years. The expedition of the mythical hero in the game was used as a metaphor for every human journey to a designated destination. As a journey through our own life with the typical and repetitive stages of this trip, such as hearing and taking up the challenge, crossing the threshold, self-discovery, overcoming adversity / internal demons, reaching the goal and transformation.

Building the concept of a board game on the hero’s canvas makes the players, in an almost intuitive way, reach for very important aspects which influence their decisions. As a result, they also impact the achieved goals. These aspects are related to their most important values, identity, vision, real mission – that is all which is of great importance in making changes, transformation and materialising intentions.

 As part of one tool you get:

  • An innovative coaching tool, based on the concept of Joseph Campbell’s mono-myth, using a variety of group and individual work methods, image and metaphor work, manual exercises.
  • An extremely attractive board game with an addictive plot – making it easier to encourage the client to enter the coaching process /the change process
  • The ability to use the game to work on 1:1 basis, or to work with a group
  • A rich base of inspirations to conduct effective coaching sessions
  • 10 Different exercises to deepen the work with the client
  • Greater customer engagement and his/her motivation to further work
  • As many as 320 minutes of extra exercises, thanks to which you can conduct up to 2 days of group coaching based on the Heros Navigares game!
  • Over 120 coaching questions contained in the tool, which will greatly expand the client’s perspective
  • 2 variants of the game as part of one the Heros Navigares set
  • A scenario (The Game Master’s Book), which will allow you to complete the entire game, step by step
  • You can use the game in a selective way – using it for your own existing exercises or coaching programmes, or use everything you get in a set.

The game was created for those who are seeking effective ways of support in the process of achieving goals and building self-awareness. For all those, who need more effective tools to support the development of personal and professional potential.


In what areas will you use the Heros Navigares?

It is an ideal tool, which will work well with adults and young people, wherever you are dealing with an important life and professional change, and where you need support in achieving business goals, including in:

– Life coaching

– Career coachingu

– Family coachingu

–  Parents’ coachingu

– Health coachingu

–  Managemant coachigu

– Leadership coachingu

– Performance coachingu

– Psychotherapy

– Career guidance

What does the game contain?

 A large board printed on canvas, size 92 cm x 60 cm


A deck of 71 photo-cards

A scenario to carry out the entire game (The Game Master’s Book)

A deck of 60 smaller cards (questions, needs, sentences)

6 large cards with descriptions of archetypes

Wooden tokens with engraved sentences  in English and Latin

A wooden hexahedral cube, containing critical questions, used by players when crossing a threshold

Wooden ship to mark the current stage on the board.

More about the game:

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